Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing needy dachshunds throughout the Midwest since 2003.

Midwest Dachshund Rescue
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Success Stories

We don't just place dogs - we create friendships and family ties that last a lifetime.

Get to know a few of our recently adopted Dachshunds here! Did an MWDR dog change your life?

Peanut, PorkChop and Miley

Love the snuggles and kisses from our sweeties. We will always have a doxie or three in our lives!

Penny (previously MWDR Peni)

The best failing that I have ever done!

He's the most easygoing, energetic senior dog. Nothing compares to the love of a dachshund or the sound of the pitter-patter of their feet.
Our loving little macho man! Riggs( formally known as Bruno) has completed our home in SOOO many ways...He's such a little snuggle bug and is always looking out for his sister and brother!(Also four-legged)
Rocket has been the best little boy ever. He is a lover and a good little brother to our Bella.
Adopted this little lady last fall from mwdr. Rubi lives up to her name...she's a precious little red gem
Ruby/formerly Rosie
We fell out n love with our senior girl as soon as we saw her. She was shy at first, but now fits right in!
Rusty Bucket
We loved our little Bucket and think about him daily. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to love him❤️
Rusty, Mya and Lady Bug (aka Pinkie T)
I came to MWDR 10 years ago after loosing both my girls. We have been fortunate to adopt 3 doxies from MWDR. The adoption process was very easy and now we share our lives with 4.

Schatzi is a double dapple Mini-Dachshund who is an endlessly loving, courageous, sweet and funny little puppy who has bravely negotiated life's challenges and done very well, despite being born blind. We can't imagine our life without him and are so grateful for MWDR introducing us to him, and for all the great work they do on behalf of so many Dachshunds in need.

Schnutz rounds the family out to an even two males and two females in the household.
Stevie a.k.a Miriana
Two boys and a little lady.....
Stevie a.k.a Miriana
Two boys and a little lady.....
Toby (aka: Cole)
He has continued to become a very sweet and affectionate little boy. He is never more than a step or two behind his dads.
Tootsie Lou
When we picked up this tiny sweet little baby from transport to be our foster I had no idea what was about to happen!! This little girl stole my heart and filled it with love!!
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