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Bitsy is the the best companion anyone could ever want.
We had lost our beloved dachshund, Roxie, in August of 2010. Inside of two weeks she would go from being a healthy girl to sub-coming to aggressive kidney failure. We were beyond devastated. Steven and I never had children and she was our baby. She was and is irreplaceable. No dog could ever fill her paws. Shortly after her death a friend mentioned the wonderful things Midwest Dachshund Rescue did to help re-home dachshunds. Steven and I were still not ready but I filed MWDR in the back of my head in case we ever decided on another dog. We knew a new dog would have to be a dachshund and what better way to honor our girl than to rescue one. In late January 2011 we decided it was time to fill our empty home with another dachshund. Steven and I filled out the paperwork. A short time later Lori called and talked with Steven. He was very specific about what he wanted and Lori listened. Lori came to our home and did all of the necessary background checks. Within two weeks she called to let us know she found the perfect dog for us. We were scheduled to meet with the foster parents on Saturday, February 12. Not much was known about Bitsy as she was found wandering down a Chicago street on a very very cold day in late January. Lori let us know that Bits was black and tan and she was an alpha dog. She was a very sick little girl and had to have two rounds of intense antibiotics in order to get rid of an upper respiratory infection. It was believed she was about three years old and her potty training was thought to be going well but it was cold and snowy; and anyone who knows dachshunds knows they don’t like their butts stuck in the snow. One hour before our scheduled meeting Steven had cold feet and wanted to back out. He didn’t think he was ready for another dog and he was afraid of potential potty training issues. I told him we were not going to cancel on the foster parents one hour before we were supposed to arrive. We could always see the dog and say she wasn’t the one for us. He very reluctantly went along. We walked into the foster parents’ house and were told about Bitsy’s personality, her likes and dislikes, what she ate, her sleep patterns, and how much the foster parents loved this little dog but could not keep her because she was not getting along with another dog who also believed she was the alpha dog. Steven was very nervous. When we were asked if we were still interested in seeing Bitsy, we both said yes. Foster mom went down the hallway and opened the door leading to Bitsy. All of a sudden the smallest bundle came racing around the corner and looked up at Steven. He turned and looked at me and I knew he was in love and we were not leaving without Bitsy. Nothing would stand in his way of having this sassy little ball of fur. We played with her for awhile and when asked if we felt she was a good fit we both exclaimed yes! The wonderful foster family reluctantly said goodbye to Bitsy. We were given her favorite toy (which was almost as big as she was and is still one of her favorite toys) and belongings and headed out to our car. While we were getting adjusted in the car Bitsy’s foster dad ran out to say goodbye to Bitsy again and hold her one last time. We both could tell he did not want to let her go. If you knew Bitsy, you’d understand she’s just that kind of dog who burrows into your heart and stays there. After he said goodbye and went back into the house Steven said to me we better get out of there before the foster dad changes his mind. We have had Bitsy for almost four years. Each and every single day she brings joy into our lives. She is a member of our family and our best friend. She is my husband’s shadow and he spoils her rotten. The potty training worry my husband had; was for nothing. I have no idea how or why she was lost. I do know beyond a shadow of doubt the powers that be knew she needed to be our dog. She now has two name tags and is microchipped. I cannot fathom not moving heaven and earth searching for her if she were ever to get lost. She is family and irreplaceable. While people may believe we rescued her…in reality she saved us. She is our little beacon of light. She is a 200 pound fireball in a teeny tiny 8 pound body. She is Bitsy and we are so lucky she chose us to be her parents. If the time comes when we want another addition to our small family we won’t hesitate going back to MWDR and rescuing another dachshund. The entire process went quickly and Lori was concerned for both our and Bitsy’s wants and needs. Anyone who might be leery of the background check and home visit needs to understand it’s a crucial and vital process in order to make sure everyone, including what is most important, – the foster dachshund – will have a happy and successful life together.

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