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Cissie (formerly Auggie)
Cissie (formerly Auggie)
From the first minute we saw Little Cissie , both of us fell in love with her... she was so small, sweet, pretty... just what we hoped and more... we walked around our car to meet her and Rachel Saunders, her foster mom, and that was it... we were smitten for life...
When we first found Little Cissie( formerly Auggie) on Midwest's website, she reminded us so much of our big Cissie who lived to be 14... soooo, I got in touch with her foster mom and she helped guide us through the adoption process... we drove to her home to meet and greet the Little Cissie... after visiting for a while, we left Rachel, who was sad , but also glad for us, since she also loves this little doxie..we continue this connection to this day... Little Cisse came with a blanket, that had been made by a volunteer, so that is what she sat on in my lap on the way home... and shared it with our 3 year old doxie girl as we drove... when we got home eventually, we put this blanket between our pillows on our bed... patted it and she just jumped onto it... we covered her up and told her to go to sleep. which she did... this continues each night... She has never slept a night anywhere without this blanket!!! The next Sunday I left our church services a little early, drove home( 5 mins away) , picked up Little Cissie and took her back to church to show all our people our newest family member... she was so cute, sweet, stood on her back legs and begged( came knowing this) and was a big HIT!!!! We have 3 other mini, longhaired doxies so Little Cissie makes that family complete... they all get along well, except not in sharing food... but that is typical... our vet thinks she is so cute... we are truly blessed to have been chosen to be her family and she is very much entrenched in our hearts... Thank you to Rachel and this organization...Jesse and Kay Henderson. along with Charis, Carrie and Cassie , plus Little Cissie

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