Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing needy dachshunds throughout the Midwest since 2003.

Midwest Dachshund Rescue
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Donations Save Lives

Your contribution, regardless of amount, provides the resources we need to care for and re-home surrendered and abandoned Dachshunds.

All donations stay in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, so your contribution directly impacts your community.

Donor Tiers


Throughout our 10+ years serving Dachshunds in the MidWest, we've been able to determine the items needed to comfortably transition a surrendered or abandoned dog into a healthy foster home.

We've created different donation levels to help you better understand where your contribution is being used in that process. If you prefer to donate a different amount, simply enter it in the box to the right.

$10 - Welcomer

The Welcomer gift buys our incoming doxie a collar, leash, and blanket of their own to help them through a stressful transition.

$40 - Advocate

The Advocate gift helps each incoming doxie with a veterinary inspection to assess their condition and get them on the path to full health.

$80 - Life Saver

The Life Saver gift pays for each doxie to get fully up-to-date with their vaccinations, which could literally save their lives.

$250 - Guardian

The Guardian gift helps a doxie in need get spayed/neutered and dental treatment.

$4000 - Hero

A Hero gift pays for a doxie in need of back surgery due to a ruptured disc.

Donate Now

$10 - Welcomer
$40 - Advocate
$80 - Life Saver
$250 - Guardian
$4000 - Hero

Latest Donations

Date Amount ($)
2021-09-19 25.00
2021-09-18 80.00
2021-09-16 10.00
Make a Non-monetary Donation

Financial donations aren't the only way to make an impact: MWDR is always seeking and accepting donations for dog care products like food, leashes, and toys, as well as home-made and crafted items for raffles and silent auctions.

Your contribution can keep a rescued Doxie safe, happy, and healthy while he waits for a forever family!